A Month Long Online Creative Action Practice!


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!SPARK! March 2010   $30.00

"!SPARK": A sudden but clear sense of personal joy that comes from the realization that you are on your life path, kicking ass, with a plan of action that you are excited about.

  • Be inspired by creative actions and teaching from SPARK leaders daily
  • Feel good because you are make step-by-step changes daily
  • Take action on what is important to you and git-r-done within 30 days
  • Be empowered by a community of other women on the SPARK path with you
  • Fire up your SPARKLING heart and come on over and create some SPARKS!

Whether fully defined or nebulous and delicious, in your heart of hearts you have a WILD DREAM. In this online course you'll FOCUS it into a 30 day bite: a FOCUS DESIRE and then break down it into small ACTION pieces that are... SPARKable. In this month long Creative Action Practice, you will join visionary Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Jenafer Joy and a tribe of extraordinary women and move collectively and individually towards your heart's desires.

What do YOU want to Work on? Create? Manifest? Realize? Build? Surrender to?  Is there something you've been wanting to start? Something you've been wanting to stop? What is close to your heart dream that will flourish with tenderness and care...

Speak it. Practice it. Act on it. Revise it. Kick ass on it...What SPARKS you?

Instructors: Jenafer Joy with Cosmic Cowgirl Founder Shiloh Sophia & guest Cosmic Cowgirl Presenters
Time Commitment: 30 days, 15-30 minutes per day.
Requirements: Access to computer and the internet.
Materials: Personal journal or use our downloadable !SPARK! Journal


!SPARK! happens on one of our Private Online Campuses. (You will receive a registration link in the week before the course opens)  Each morning you'll receive an email with the day's  link and encouragement.   Log in to  respond to the daily prompt posted by one of the !SPARK! Leaders and participate in community conversations or plan your daily actions offline in your !SPARK! Journal.  You, and a whole community of inspiring women will  !SPARK! each day making little important steps towards your BIG DREAM and supporting other women to do the same.  Here's a screenshot of the Online Campus.  See you THERE!

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