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Heart of The Visionary - A Workbook for Women's Work

Why this book?

“I have looked for years for an inspired book about business that met my needs  for the work I was doing.  There was not one that encompassed, what I needed as a woman who wanted to do things her way, with creative flair, but that was met traditional business standards as well. So, I decided to make one. It is not the whole picture, but after years of working with women in business, and running my own, I have a unique perspective about what it takes, and how to sustain it.  This book, driven by passion and compassion is a woman’s guide to designing not just a business, but a life work. If you only had one business book to get started, this would be the book.” Shiloh

What is this book about?

This workbook is a guided journey through many business tools and basics designed to empower you to take action on behalf of your life work!  It is an invitation to enter the world of business and livelihood through the lens of a feminine paradigm.  By using this workbook you will have what you need to get started, and create a model of passionate, compassionate sustainability in your work.  Whether you identify as a visionary or an entrepreneur at this time doesn’t matter, if you are a woman with an idea she wants to put into action, then you are, a visionary entrepreneur.

What’s In The Book?

Visionary guidance and wild wisdom of artist Shiloh Sophia McCloud who has authored five previous journals and workbooks.
Inspirational writings, poetry and illustrations regarding business.
Business as a creative spiritual practice.
A guided fill in the blank Vision Plan.
A guided fill in the blank Business Plan.
Informational tools business basics from visioning to realization.
Creative Actions, Projects and Exercises
Step by Step instructions on realizing certain aspects of the business journey.
Blank Pages for Writing, Journaling, Drawing and Processing 
Women’s Wisdoms - 22 authors share from their business journals
Women’s Stories - Women entrepreneurs share their stories


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