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Playfully & powerfully nurturing and affirming women’s authentic, creative voices.


Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine is a place for the poets, the artists, the thinkers, the dreamers, the revolutionaries, the knitters, the wild ones and the holy ones to come together to share a cup of virtual tea and tell our storis. Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine is a department of Cosmic Cowgirls, LLC, a woman and girl owned publishing and production house and school.

We envision a world where the voices of women and girls are heard and valued. Our mission is to inspire a creativity movement and provide a platform for voices for transformation to be expressed and shared. Our member-owned tribe teaches and produces educational multi-media events, books and tools that are designed to promote a vision of wellness, compassion and empowerment...

Where we believe all lives are legendary!

Mission, Objectives & Clarity of Purpose
The new, groundbreaking Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine (CCM) playfully and powerfully nurtures and affirms women’s authentic, creative voices. Our editorial content and philosophy are grounded in inclusivity, building a safe, cozy virtual Red Thread Cafe where our readership family is free to contemplate, try-on and own liberating thinking and revolutionary living. Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine alchemizes convention and births legends!

CCM exists to achieve the following:

  1. Celebrate women’s authentic voices, news, art, sacred work,  life journeys and evolution;
  2. Launch visionary female writers, artists and entrepreneurs;
  3. Exponentially grow Cosmic Cowgirls Ink membership, Cosmic Cowgirls University student body and Palm of Her Hand contributed income and good works;
  4. Create camaraderie and community for women geographically separated, yet ideologically attuned;
  5. Role model independent media integrity and responsibility;
  6. Advocate for the "artist in every woman," the liberating authority of self-expression, self-authoring, honorable self-affirmation, permission to play everyday, the power of possibility and the invitation to transform together.

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We believe all beings are creative.

Cosmic Cowgirls™ Ink, LLC Transforming Lives Into Legends

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