Welcome to the Cosmic Cowgirls Community
Transforming Lives into Legends!

We at Cosmic Cowgirls believe that every woman has a story to tell, a song to sing, and a legend to unfold! And Cosmic Cowgirls seeks to create a realm where you have a space to radiate your true self! 

Each of us is a Visionary with a calling and a purpose to fulfill.

Regardless of your interests, expertise, or current life work, there is a place for you here with our tribe of Cosmic Cowgirls. And we invite you to join us and share your offerings, share your vision, and share yourself in this vital, creative, wild women's community.



 The Cosmic Cowgirls have four main active visions:

Playfully and powerfully nurturing and affirmIng women’s authentic, creative voices.

Teaching revolutionary thinking, conscious creativity and visionary entrepreneurship. Educational courses transforming lives into legends!

A dynamic collaborative international member-owned company!

Empowering voices of transformation and contributing positive media that uplifts humanity.




The Cosmic Cowgirl Philosophy


We think life is much like a rodeo of the soul.

Sometimes it is hard to stay on the bucking bronco of our circumstances.

We are the sheroes and heroes of our own stories.

We work with what is in our lives and we learn to make something really fine out if it.

We turn our sometimes sorry stories into legendary lives.

We persevere.

We ask the questions:
What am I here for? 

How can I live the life I am here to live - no matter what?

A Cosmic Cowgirl is a woman with her head in the stars, her cowgirl boots planted firmly on the ground, and a dream in her heart.


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